November 8, 2010

Bottoms up.

Trying to steer two enormous elephants to the other side of the fence and each of the them has a tendency to draw tangents and/or lines with infinite slopes. Its not like riding a horse; cause horses dont think: they are explicit(just see the user manual on horses). So when the jumbos know something's on them, their trajectories can be discontinuous thereby causing a singularity at their bottoms. Having said that, I strongly believe gravity is not a weak force (I just simplified string theory and now we don't need a unified theory). If anything is left of me after a month, I'll blog again.
Under and out.


kumar said...

mind == imploded.

Suddenly the reality of an object passing through an event horizon, with the possibility of proper time in-spite of the red-shifting is as clear as a crystal. Thanks man !

Raghavendra said...