November 19, 2010

Disjointed am I?

Why is it so Victorian? Granted there is more leeway but I do not consider this as compensation to what essentially is conventional which we are trying to redefine; not reform. Reform is the word. A word that is abused to an extent where its meaning has become mundane. Mundane - is exactly what I refuse to be a part of. A part of a mass delusion where mediocrity is acceptable. Acceptable: not a word I would settle for. Settle, is to fall slowly to a stable position, usually on a surface or the ground - something I don't want to fall into or onto. Falling. Funny word that is. It can be associated with something physical or emotional with the same metrics but with no units. To be associated is something I like; gives me a feeling of exclusivity. A feeling which I am not sure if it is real or true. If only some of the things I want be true. And by that, I do not necessarily mean worldly things. Necessity is the mother of all inventions they say. False. And who are 'they' anyway? Anyway, 'they' see the world through tinted glasses. Like we all don't? We do, don't we? And we blame 'others' for being shortsighted. 'Others' are people you/I don't know. Don't know is an unacceptable corollary in this age. We do know; its just that we choose to fake to ignore. Ignore and be obtuse. To be, or not to be, someone or something. In the same capacity, choices fail to flatter me. They fail to deceive. Inspite of which I fail to flatter. Failure is not due to one's incapacity. Or not just that. Its just that failure is looked poorly upon. Which is poor. What a shame. That we don't know that acceptable or unacceptable, true or false, real or fake are all the same things with no tinted glasses.

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