April 3, 2010

Who's paranoid?

Ever been bitten by bugs so badly that every time your own hand grazes your face or neck you check for millions of bugs running all over your skin? (also blame Hollywood for this psychosis)
Ever been electrocuted severely before that every time you touch something sharp or cold, your hand recoils at 'lightning speed' and you can swear on everyone's grave that you really got electrocuted again?
Ever been screamed at by someone in a car that was so startling that from then on you look into every motorist's eyes like a basilisk to see if they will yell at you or not?
Ever seen a super sized African killer bee in a movie (that cannot be killed by fire) that from that moment onwards even a plain old mosquito looked ominously gargantuan?

If you've answered yes to any of the above questions, then phew. I guess I am not the only one paranoid after all. If else, now that I have made you cognizant of the potential situations, welcome to paranoid city!

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