February 28, 2010

We Love You Arsenal We Do - Tribute to Aaron Ramsey

Arsenal's victory over Stoke City today was bitterly painful. Ramsey's horrific injury in the second half was reminiscent of Dudu's injury exactly two years back which destroyed the team, destroyed the BPL hopes, destroyed the captain and battered the Gunners in all senses. To see a team mate lying in a mangled heap in pain that no one can imagine is just too much to take. Today's horrific injury to Ramsey brought back the nightmares of two seasons gone past.

No Gooner would ever ever like to see such things happen to a Gunner or anyone else for that matter. It is also extremely painful to see the whole team devastated on the pitch after witnessing something as disturbing as that ( twice including Dudu's horrific injury two seasons back ). The team fought back to win 3-1 and from then on to put their noses firmly back into the title race. A victory that could potentially put the Gunners on course ( hopefully ) for the league title - only drastically overshadowed by the nasty incident to the 19 year old Welshman. The team showed character. Or should I put in other words - the 'kids' showed character. For all those who still like to call the Gunners - kids; no other team would have gone through such traumatic experiences to bounce back playing some of the most beautiful and exciting football in the world (bugger off Barcelona) and importantly put themselves in a position to win the league. Yeah, the bunch of kids are actually men of steel. Hardened steel. Maybe only the Greek Spartans could have rivaled them. 

Here's to the fallen Gunner.
Here's to all the Gooners who shed tears and chanted and hailed and stood by Arsenal through the victory and pain.
Here's to Arsenal FC!
Here's to our very own AARON RAMSEY aka RAMBO!

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Mighty Titan said...

Very unfortunate incident indeed! :(
hope he gets back to the own self soon!