January 3, 2010

One rotten egg is all it takes

I know how emotional one can get when one's team loses badly. I can understand it will be difficult to bear taunts from rivals ( especially since they like to rub it in ). But can this be tolerated?

Calls to rape or f*** some guy's girl friend?!! Holy cow!This is not just stooping to inhuman levels, this is something more than that and I don't have words for it! We can't blame the uncivilized anymore for this kind of behavior..even the 'civilized' do it. Give em a chance and they'll lose all the morality they have. Just goes to show how degenerate people can get. And how easily that is. Cyber laws are being taken for granted:so what do we make of it? What if these were legit threats? Who would deal with it? I know these are open ended questions that need to be answered real quick. Maybe publicity for such incidents will help gain traction for better laws, laws that cannot be taken for granted.

Appendix to this post -
What I find surprising is that, cyber threats are considered more as a threat to 'consumers' not the people. When I say 'people', I mean their personal safety,their lives. I am inclined to believe that people do not understand how real threats to a person's life/integrity can be. Firms like McAfee/Adobe/Symantec ( and the like ) do not comprehend the possible gravity of the situation. This one line sums it all - Cyber criminals increasingly leverage the news of the day to attack unsuspecting consumers. One's personal integrity ain't ones bank account numbers, not their e-mail ids and not their personal details as seen on any social networking site. Wouldn't you think?


Vinayak said...


Anonymous said...

What did you do man? photograph? print screen would have been brighter I guess... :P

Roti said...

No Anil..the size of the file is too small when I take a 'print screen'.You cannot read anything. Taking a photo of it was the next best thing I knew.

Kumar said...

I have three points on this....

1. Increasing mental retardation in today's youngsters, resorting to digital bits and bytes to announce perverted fantasies.

2. Perpetual wandering in moral grey areas.

3. [THE MOST IMPORTANT] If you put your foot into a bed of white hot coal, you'll get your feet fried. There will always be sin in this world. There will always be ppl who make (legit or not) threats to rape your GF. And somebody is probably raping somebody else's GF right now. The point is, there is no point in brooding abt such things. We just have to be careful not to put our feet on hot coals.

P.S : I'm a youngster too, but without any sort of perverted fantasies, whatsoever. And also, no emotional-getting on what I said. Just a few thoughts.

Roti said...

Regarding your third point, we cannot stop policing just because there will always be crime in the world right? Sure we can always be careful until something happens and we don't understand how it happened despite being careful. You and I cannot control someone's perverted mind...here's where action is required ( especially since I do not trust an individual to stick to his moral senses ).

Sanz said...

I guess the fact that one is sitting behind a screen and is anonymous in a way, makes it easier for some to make up some twisted shit and float it around on the web. I see it happening all the time, more so on networking sites and blogs. If you sit down to debate it and talk about introducing laws to curb such acts, some activists will bring in their convoluted ideas of 'freedom of expression'. but hey! statements like the one you pointed out definitely don't fit in anywhere where freedom of expression is concerned.

so i'm with you on this line of thought. while i do appreciate reading to opinions of others, no matter how extreme or distinct from my own... someone has to draw a line somewhere if we are to continue as a race of civilized beings.

(btw... you write well... you should blog more often)