August 19, 2009

Wheels up & Wheels down.

My first flight(or rather my first three succesive flights) sucked.I felt like I was being transported with 200 other people in a cage with the zoo keepers occasionaly dropping a line with something half edible.Nevertheless,we did gobble up what was served(thrown) to stop our tummies from rumbling louder than the turbofans.Oh..and the restrooms...a 5x4 square feet cell...Goddamit..even jail is better.You might think travelling first class is better...but it all boils down to the rest room queue which can make or break your day especially if you are travelling for 15-16 hours straight.The aisle is so narrow,even an anorexic person would find it difficult to navigate without bumping into other people oops animals.It reminded me of all the Nazi horrors of WWII.They think the in flight entertainment systems will be the pain killer.It aint no pain killer.Its like watching a TV through white polyethene cover after some time.The glare is so bad that its like looking at the Sun directly.Why would anyone want to hurt their eyes or ears willfully?And our hoofs hurt so bad sitting idle in an obtuse angle or trying to sleep in an acute angle.They wouldn't even let us open the windows and smell the rarefied air.
All in the guise of economy.

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Jeet said...

hahahahaha..I guess its your trademark! Your way of telling something is really good!!