May 26, 2009

No work & all play!

Well,now that it has been three months that Ive been outta work,I have started to appreciate all the free time that Ive had.Some of  the things I love doing ( or rather not doing in some cases ) -

1) Putting on weight with no one to snidely comment about it.
2)Not having to brush my teeth regularly ( its such a waste of time;I would rather wolf down another mousse o chocolat ).
3)Baths are restricted to less than five minutes per day and if it means taking the high road:then so be it!
4)Taking bath in no way means washing your hair.That is to be done only when it is a chemical hazard posing a threat to the environment.
5)Extended sessions of sleep...morning,noon & night.
6)No need to maintain any sense of personal hygiene.
7)Barely having to step out of the house and confining myself to a chair ( which is good! ).
8)Cursing the government for power cuts ( since it disturbs my sleep ).
9)Cursing everyone in my general direction.
10)Whining about everything that does or doesn't upset me ( including the newspaper and footwear ).

To sum it up,its been a wonderful three months!


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