December 17, 2009

Who of my pals know what.

Here's a one line description of some of my friends.Recognize yourself?!

RRK - Long time accomplice. Tries to pretend to know something thinking he knows almost nothing when he actually knows something.

RK - Works for a leading electrical organization. Pretends he knows nothing when actually he knows everything. Also a jackass and a good blogger.

Chikman - Knows too much. Does not and cannot pretend otherwise. Also a complex number. Thinks ASP has too many gal friends.

SMC - Jack of all trades. Master of a few. His jokes are silent killers. Pretends like they are not.

Grease - Second in command to SMC when it comes to killer jokes.

ASP - He is the source for Reuters and BBC. Pretends he is not. Blogs well but does not boast about it. Secretly an 'uncle'. Vehemently denies it as evident in his blog.

Dumbu - Knew everything. Forgot everything. Oldest accomplice. Roamed the whole of Europe just for fun and pretends he did not. Also an unknown form of heavy metal.

DAK - Too 'rich' to be pretentious. Knows too much about Nigeria. Tried to hide the fact that he is an 'uncle'. Failed miserably.

AJ - His mommy would 'whip his arse' if he'd tried to pretend about something. Poor pretender. His name sounds cool although he pretends it is not. Too modest.

SRK - Secretly a reporter and travels frequently to Mahbubnagar to spy on underworld dons.

RD - Gooner accomplice. Both of us pretend together.

SCP - Pretends he has a booming voice and pretends he does not know it. That's true. He could put a foghorn to shame.

ST - Bwaa hahaha hahahahahaha...Hello?

BP - Gets confused with his nationality. Thermo king.

My Bro - Knows nothing. Does not pretend. Likes to stay dumb.

and finally
Me - ???


Anonymous said...

Me - Baby crying with Rolls Royce humming in the background! Software Engineer turned Rocket Scientist..

Tries to pose as if he has loads of attitude in a photograph ||
Alas the attitude curve really doesn't show on a paper graph ||

Lasso(e)s a rocket with a rope made of metal ||
Head-bangs to both heavy and death metal ||

Now.. guess who?

ASP said...

Loved SMC!Silent killers they are!The jokes I mean...Grease too!
DAK knows too much abt Nigeria!!!LOLZ!!!!!DAK knows the biggest airport in Nigeria!How cool :P
SRK and AJ --->LOLZ!
and ur bro!!!

Says "I'll be there by 5:17pm ra", loves metal,pretends like he can play the guitar,punctuates sentences with 'ras' and 'rays'!
Speaks excellent 'Telugu',what with the 'f's replacing 'p','g' replacing 'z'!
Loves Subway,vehemently denies being an uncle,calls evry1 'uncle',never clarifies if it is to be understood as a taunt or a title!Lives in Begumpet,yet to find his Begum???

Randel Prandel said...
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Randel Prandel said...
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Randel Prandel said...
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