August 17, 2011

Tribute to Agalloch

Instead of me drooling over how insanely amazing and haunting Agalloch is, I am going to post some of the comments people all over the world left on youtube on some of their freakingly amazing compositions.

I would imagine if you were trapped under ice, and feeling your last breath escape your body, this is what you would hear before you die Meathook4nk8 on 'Hollow Stone'

I don't dare listening to this when I'm stoned, I'm afraid I'd die! O_O ~ burt2800 on 'Hollow Stone'

When I hear this song...I imagine myself to be standing on the top of the highest mountain peak. There is a cave behind me that leads only into darkness.
The sky above is dark gray & cloud covered with only the occasional crack of light breaking between the desolate mass.
The entire world is still & silent & completely oblivious to me as I look down trying to see what is below. There is naught but a cliff engulfed in a black fog & it swallows everything beneath me.
On the edge of the world....
~ FrostFallenPoet on 'Hollow Stone

This is the soundtrack of the world, of creation, of destrucion, and of existence itself ~ TheCasaBonita on 'Our Fortress is Burning II'

Greetings from Portugal.
This is the sound of a human heart in slow motion ~ EnclavementBand on 'Our Fortress is Burning II'

When i listen to this song, i go to a mountain top, and stare into the sky, letting all of my earthly troubles and cares vanish as the music consumes my soul, mind, and state of being  ~ xDasGlowormx on 'Our Fortress is Burning II'  

Absolutely great. Agalloch takes me down a secret river and let me flow over the highest mountains...
Nothing else to say ~ Spiker753 on 'The Wolves of Timberline'

I could see Beethoven being in Agalloch if he were alive. He'd be like "Fuck dude. We need to play some piano shit. But I'm deaf so I don't know what you're saying" ~ skatetolovemetal on 'Summerisle Reprise'

oh come on,agalloch.. fail sometime!!! for god's sake... such perfection... in every single movement of their songs...eternal love *_* ~ Besatt666Eddie on 'The Hawthrone Passage'

I want this song played at my funeral,,without the voices ~ jackjarell on 'Tomorrow Will Never Come'

I remember being snowed in about 30 miles from the nearest town,watching the sun disappear over the hill line.I would throw my headphones on to AGALLOCH and walk for miles in the quite dark night.... ~ vivisect1945

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