February 6, 2009

Mano e Mano

This is how a conversation between me and the hyperbolic me(Hm) would be like -

me)So,what do you want to do in life?
Hm)I want to be geologist.
me)Yeah right.You might as well play with marbles.
Hm)But,once I perceived myself to be like Arnold.
me)Who?Arnold Somasekar?
Hm)I am gonna be a rock star.
me)Yes.You croak very well!
Hm)I actually wanted to be a Formula 1 driver!!
Hm)I am going to be the president!
Hm)I was thinking of being an adventurer.
me)Bwa ha ha ha ho ho..stop it.I am in splits.
Hm)Realistically,I will be in the airforce.
me)How many fingers am I holding up?
Hm)Am going to be a neurologist.
me)Do you know where your brain is?
Hm)Ill be the playmaker for Arsenal FC.
me)You can't run from point A to point B without assistance.
Hm)I can be a mathematician.
me)You can't even tell the time!!!
Hm)I am gonna be a rocket scientist.
me)Finally,look who's talking!


Anonymous said...

Is it a day dream or a night dream conversation???

Roti said...

Mr Freud,I do not know for sure but the last two lines are certainly not the product of day dreaming.

Anonymous said...

dream is fulfillment of a wish.....

ASP said...