September 1, 2008

Taam Please!!

Following are a set of rules and regulations one must know in order to successfully integrate oneself in all kinds of sports played on the streets :
Taam Please - Contorted version of 'Time Please/Time Out' order to indicate that you want to take a break from the action.Valid in Leg touch,King,Kho-Kho,Out-Out,Chain Cut,Electric Shock,Lock & Key et al but not in cricket or foo'd'ball.
B.C - I have no idea what it is; but the purpose is similar to Taam Please: to indicate that you want to take a break.But its not that simple: you apparently have lick your wrist real quick after saying B.C in order to make sure it is a valid break.Or else, you risk becoming out or the 'denner'. Also note that you have only three B.Cs per game i.e you can use/invoke it only three times.
Denner - Not to be confused with the city Denver,USA.Denner is the person who chases other people in the game in order to make them 'out'.Not valid in cricket/foo'd'ball.
One Tup One Hand Out - Specific to Cricket.It simply means that you can be declared out if the ball is taken with only one of your hand only after one bounce.'Tup' here means bounce.If you were to catch the ball with both your hands after one bounce,the rule stands null and void.
By Runner - Again endemic to Cricket.This can be invoked by the captain of your team at the dying stages of the match.It involves another person running for you considering that you cannot run and only waddle cause you are a troll.Also,the batsman's consent is not required for this.
Grease - Nothing to do with reducing friction or mechanical engineering.Grease is simply Crease:another term used quite often in cricket which is to draw the line in which the batsmen have to stay in so as to not get stumped/run out.Grease is a line drawn parallel to the wicket at distance equal to one and a half 'oil bats'.
Troyels - The first ball of Cricket or French Cricket is always a Troyels ( trial ) which is not counted towards the score or overs.Always say Troyels else you risk becoming out in the first ball itself.
All Reals - This is announced by the fielding team to indicate the official start of the match after troyels.
1D/2D/3D - Due to space( dimensional ) constraints,there can be occasions where you hit the ball real good but can't take any run because of some impediment.In such situations,depending on the distance and trajectory of the rubber ball,runs are declared as one,two or three indicated by 1D,2D or 3D.
Cheating - Irrespective of the sport,if you feel you were declared out by 'unfair means',just yell cheating or cheater cock at anyone and every one and all the passers by until the match is suspended.
I Spice/Eye Spy - World wide popular sport - I spy.More popular than Out-Out.Also popularly know as Ice-Boys( grazie Ani ).
Handy - Term specific to foodball.Touch the ball with your hand and it is declared as a foul or Handy.Free kick or throw in or a penalty is the consequence;which ever you like.
This list shall be appended whenever deemed necessary and shall in no circumstance be taken as the sole guide to street sports.Only terms that can be directly translated into English have been incorporated.


Randel Prandel said...

Well, i was cryin -laughin and laughin - crying !

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.

k, am now tired of laughin....


k, am now tired of cryin...


Roti said...

Good.I evinced two different feelings,which was by the way my intention.

ASP said...

wow!Blast to the past :D
hey taamplease has one more rule....just before on e"tampleases" one is supposed to lick his forehand...and it is only till the saliva on ur hand driesd off that u are allowed a "taamplease" :D :D

and ISpice is from "Eye-Spy" or Eye-Spies...we called it Ice Boys some days :))

Roti said...

Ice Boys will be duly added in the further course of time :-)