June 7, 2008

How to pick your favourites.

Well well, Euro 08 has took off and i have no idea who i should support?
Should it be France because because a legion of them are/were in Arsenal?Naah.I do not know why i should like France.The Eiffel tower does not bewitch me.
The Swiss?I like the country for its historic neutrality and the scenic Alps and Federer and CERN. Thats why i like their football team.Pretty lame i guess.
Greece?I never knew they could play football and i know only three of em.Socrates,Plato n Aristotle.I still don't know how they won it last time around.And 300 is not a reason.
Portugal?They act like they are on an extended colonial hang over.Nincompoops.
The Dutch seem my likely favorites. Because they are 'Oranje' and it is my fav colour.And also because of RVP.That reminds me, i cannot back the dutch.RVP is injury prone and that's not good for Arsenal is it?I am not really sure whether the preceding reason is originally mine:and i do not like it.I cant make up my mind, so I'll leave my thought/s in ether.
Croatia?Nope.I do not like their jerseys.
Germany?They'll take your hopes up until the semis only.I need some potential to back.
Sweden/Slovenia?They are just there to fill up the slots.
Spain?Theoretically, they have the strongest team-Fabregas,Torres,Villa,Xavi...but since I hate Alonso i will not support Espanol.
Czech Republic?I do not like Peter Cech and his buttressed head.
Italia finally.Ah the Tifosi!Inno Di Mameli!Ferrari!.Luca Toni!Gattuso ( or fatso??)Reigning world champions.Si, it should be the aging warriors then.

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