June 18, 2008

Well done Coldplay.

I know this sounds dumb-I am a fan of Coldplay.Being a fan of Coldplay is just not good enough.A self declared progressive metal head,I am finding it difficult to resist their slow/soft/mellow/mellifluous renditions, which are too conspicous to be ignored.Only the fool will turn his head ( and ears ) away.You can clearly distinguish Coldplay even if a jet engine is howling beside you.Thats how I would say how permeating their music is.They simply transport you to a different place and time.It was inevitable they started experimenting with their style;progression setting in slowly.Hopefully they will not abandon their prevailing style.Ultimately change does creep in.I know not all songs are really good ( result of change ):yes, some are boring,but the ones that are really good make a lasting impression.But then,it is hard to accustom to slow tunes when all you know is a high speed guitar riff or a bass solo:something Coldplay has not ventured deeply into-instrumentals.That is my expectation or the way I rate a band or a song.A side effect being a metal fan.Although it is not high on instrument technicality,Chris' crystal clear voice makes up for it.All in all,weighing Coldplay my way would be wrong.It would be like you are asked to find the worth of a precious stone with a metre scale.Nor does it change the fact that they are a bunch of extremely good musicians.
P.S - Opeth owns all.
P.S - I have been searching for the right word to describe the feeling you get when you listen to Coldplay and i think Ive found it:Nostalgia.A sense of longing creeps into you when you listen to Coldplay;especially For you and Fix you.


ASP said...

makes me wanna strt listening to coldplay.

Randel Prandel said...

Fools can ignore CP !

Lately,i havent been a fool and dont intend to be one too !

Roti said...

Your intentions truly blur when you start listening to CP. What was the turning point for you then or should I say- Since when/how did you stop being a fool? :-)

Randel Prandel said...

The turnin point was when i enqueued all the songs in my pc and started listenin to em... and CP kept playin on n on.... The scientist... i mean... there was an instance when i thought Journeyman was from CP too. See... That's CP to u !!

Lukin forward to buy an Ipod Classic n then CP shall rule.